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Hitting the Monster Disruption Wave. Early.

“I believe you have to be willing to be misunderstood if you're going to innovate.”

Jeff Bezos

The tag line of Disruption Selling reads “The Art of Selling Against Everybody”. Sounds like a pretty lonely place, doesn’t it? So, why then go there?

Because there is no more exciting place than hitting a monster wave of disruption early, when almost nobody else sees it building.

While it is indeed a lonely place at the beginning, the people you’ll meet will be the most inspiring. You’ll talk to the innovators and early adopters, people with a passion for change. People that want to make the world a better place, or at least want to significantly contribute to their community. Meeting these will compensate for the rejection by all the naysayers, the ones in denial telling you that it’s all not going to work anyway.

In your own organization you will be surrounded by people driven by purpose rather than just money. They work hard and long hours and they party hard well into the morning.

Everything is in flux. There are either no rules or breaking them doesn’t really matter as long as the outcome is produced. Things are changing all the time. Your first call deck becomes obsolete every month.

It’s like a giant spinning disk with people jumping on and falling off all the time and you want to stay close to the center to not get catapulted off.

But there is one thing that trumps all of this: the infinite space for personal growth you’re able to enjoy.

There is no limit to thinking bigger. Actually, you are expected to stretch your imagination every day a bit further out. What starts with small, stealth-mode projects grows into pilots, into enterprise platforms, and - if you’re lucky - all the way into a strategic alliance getting industry-wide, global attention.

You make history rather than swim with the mainstream.

Disruption Selling is meant to provide a structured, repeatable framework for riding a wave of disruption for the long run, both for organizations as well as the individuals executing on it.

In this Anecdotal Evidence I share some data points on my last ride eating my own dog food I’m not afraid of calling “The Art of Selling Against Everybody”.

Day One is the place to be!

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