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Disruption Selling Re-Loaded: Introducing the DS Maturity Model!

Our Disruption Selling Approach for pushing disruptive products and services through the innovation adoption lifecycle was developed and successfully applied over a period of more than 35 years at startups all the way up to large and mature market leaders like Amazon.

Today we are beyond excited to be able to launch our 5-level maturity model!

When driving an innovation through the adoption lifecycle, a number of pieces have to come together in harmony to deliver the desired result: customers, the offering, and the innovator’s organization. If the three are out of sync, adoption will stall.

Let’s look at an example:

Mainstream customers don’t buy offerings on Maturity Level 2 or lower. Why? Because they expect a complete set of products and services spanning the entire lifecycle of a business solution from implementation through retirement. For the Maturity Level 3 (Ecosystem Fit) they expect a vendor must build a dependable partner network based on a solid engagement model.

In our experience, achieving a higher Maturity Level takes 18 to 24 months so the later a vendor starts to build it the later they will achieve it. Falling behind the market’s adoption stage inevitably leads to losing deals due to lack of offering and organization capabilities.

The good news are: the DS Maturity Model allows you to exactly assess

  1. Where the market is;

  2. Where your offering is; and

  3. Where your organization is.

The resulting Close-the-Gap Plan will guide your implementation of new resources and processes required to establish capabilities necessary to actively drive customer adoption rather than trail it.

With the launch we also updated our list of services. Please check out our new website for additional details!

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