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New Disruption Selling Training Program: The 9 Buying Decision Influences

Today we launched “The 9 Buying Decision Influences” as our second Training Program!

Between May and December of last year we published an Executive Summary on the B2B Buying Decision Influences we came across, followed by a Narrative for each of them. The new training program provides a structured way to consume and digest the content in a self-paced fashion and delivers feedback in form of knowledge checks at the end of each chapter.

The course has 10 chapters (introduction plus the nine influences,) pointing towards additional content on Disruption Selling for deep dives.

We forecast a total duration between 6 and 12 weeks for completing the program depending on the level of deep dives into referenced Disruption Selling Resources.

The program is relevant for

  • Account Managers managing complex deals in B2B,

  • Technology Managers working alongside sales,

  • Partner Managers working with Account Managers to drive partner-involved and partner-led business,

  • Delivery Managers involved in the presales phases of deals involving complex delivery projects, 

  • Program Managers involved in customer success programs, and

  • Sales Leaders managing multi-disciplinary, single-threaded sales teams.

It doesn’t require experience with B2B sales cycles as it introduces the foundational concepts as part of the course.

The program is included in our Annual Premium Membership which provides unlimited access to all Disruption Selling Resources.

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