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Disruption Selling Makes it to the Next Level: Partnership Announcement

There are multiple ways to build organizations for scale, one of them is a partnership of equals under a common brand. And this is the path we decided to embark on (already before founding Disruption Selling earlier this year):

Today we announce the first two Senior Partners joining Disruption Selling with Carlo Pacifico and Dr. Christof Schuermann, both with decades of experience in sales for large, established IT vendors as well as pre- and post-IPO startups.

Carlo will add expertise and experience in sales leadership provided via Advisory, Consulting and Interim Management engagements while Christof will focus on Consulting engagements leveraging his expertise in strategic sales, large-scale project and risk management, and client strategies.

“Expanding Disruption Selling will add to the breadth and depth of our offering, both in content and services, and allow us to enter into larger and longer-term engagements. At the same time the partnership model will drive ownership for outcomes and allow for highly flexible arrangements with our customers.”

Stefan Herbert, Founder

“I’m very excited to partner with experts in their field to deliver unparalleled value for customers. In the past, good market conditions masked issues in Go-To-Market motions. Today, where more vendors than ever compete over fewer and often smaller business opportunities, it is more obvious that the standard cookie-cutter-model won’t deliver sustainable growth. This is where Disruption Selling provides actionable advice for organizations of any size to capture the opportunity and win against everybody in hyper competitive markets.”

Carlo Pacifico, Senior Partner

"Embarking on my journey as a Senior Partner at Disruption Selling, I bring 30 years of IT sales and consulting expertise honed at industry leaders like DXC Technology, Capgemini, as well as start-up companies. With a solid background in strategic sales of innovative solutions, large-scale project and risk management, and delivering tailored client strategies, I'm poised to enhance our adaptability and deepen our corporate partnerships. Leveraging this extensive experience, I am eager to drive significant growth and shape the future of Disruption Selling."

Dr. Christof Schuermann, Senior Partner

Check out our new About section for more details.

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