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Carlo Pacifico

I started my professional life in the early 90s at Hewlett Packard, back then an iconic company much like Google or Apple today. After some successful quarters as a product sales rep I was offered to lead the sales efforts for Airbus in Germany. The most challenging and rewarding win was to become the platform for engineering of the Airbus A380 aircraft by Airbus Germany and their supply chain. It also marks the time right after the burst of the dotcom bubble and 9/11 where I was able to more than double the revenue in 2001 and 2002. I learned that a downturn in the economy won't hurt you in sales if you provide great value for your customers.


Following that I had countless learnings in over 10 years at Gartner, a fascinating company with lots of brainpower and wisdom. After 5 years of building the global relationship with two German customers to the level where both made it to the global top 5 customer list, I took on the challenge of leading the Gartner Field Sales team for Financial Services in 2008...little did I know about subprime or Lehman Brothers. Finishing 2008 and 2009 as the top FS team in EMEA reconfirmed my experience of the previous economical crisis.


After a front row seat at the crystal ball I joined Amazon Web Services in 2013, a company most people in Germany didn't connect to information technology at the time. It was also the year where the world learned about Edward Snowden. Today it is clear that AWS is a tremendous success. Back then it was the first year with feet on the street for selling to enterprises and long lists of excuses about why public cloud won't do it. I feel privileged to have built and led multiple teams, more than doubling the usage and revenue year over year. At the time I left more than 70% of DAX 30 companies were happy AWS customers.


With the experience of successfully establishing and growing a business I held different leadership positions at pre and post IPO companies including VP EMEA Central for New Relic and OutSystems as well as CRO for Ory. In all those roles success had the same ingredients: A vision or plan, proper lead generation, right sales capacity, effective and scalable sales process, removal of bottlenecks and using mechanisms wherever possible.


I focus on establishing a repeatable Go To Market motion for young companies, restructuring and improving Go To Market efforts of private equity owned IT providers as well as established providers who feel that they can modernize or cloudify their Go To Market.

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