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Disruption Selling: Maturity Model - Foundation

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In this self-paced program you learn about the fundamentals of the Disruption Selling Maturity Model and how to use it. We explain the four dimensions Market, Offering, Organization, and Focus and how they are intertwined. At Maturity Level 1, the offering must have Product Market Fit (PMF), demonstrate Go-to-Market Fit (GMF), and demonstrate Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). The Disruptor must provide Technology Management, conduct technical presentations, and engage with early-stage customers. At Maturity Level 2, the offering must demonstrate Go-to-Market Fit, with a clear Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), effective sales channels, and a comprehensive plan. Account Management is essential for managing customer relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction. Maturity Level 3 requires the offering to integrate with mainstream customers, complementing existing technologies and complying with regulations. Partner Management is necessary to establish connections with external partners, identify potential partners, and empower them. Maturity Level 4 requires a comprehensive Solution Package that integrates components harmoniously, offering efficiency, lower risk, and cost-effective options. Delivery Management coordinates logistics and oversees the entire order lifecycle. Maturity Level 5 involves forming Strategic Alliances, where two or more parties come together to benefit mutually. The Disruptor must manage interconnected projects via sophisticated Program Management, ensuring objectives align with the alliance's goals and priorities. They must establish effective communication channels, define and enforce a comprehensive timeline, implement procedures, and track outcomes.

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